Impressions of London

Olympic Rings on London Tower Bridge

Oh my god, who are all these people? Where do they come from?! Everywhere, all the time!

These supermarkets are beyond amazing. Twenty different kinds of salad mix! I want to live there.
Amazing, cheap, healthy readymade food. Why cook, ever?
24 hour supermarkets – even better.

Aw, that’s so nice of you to ask if I’m lost! And thanks for that free map!
Why didn’t you tell me it was a thirty minute walk from this tube stop?
No need to push.


I love the tube! So efficient! And the tube map is a work of art.
Hmm, going the wrong way on the tube.
I would not want to be all this way underground in an emergency.
Urgh, so hot and stuffy, get me off this thing.
Cannot believe it’s taken me an hour to get home.
I think I’ll take the bus.

Buses look so much trickier to master than the tube – they don’t have that pretty map.
Double-decker buses rock. Free sightseeing!
24 hour buses – seriously?
TfL says it’ll take as long to bus as to walk – whaaat??
Think I’ll walk.

Walking is awesome. Free sightseeing! And I get a better idea of where I am.
Umm… the blue dot says I’m here but I thought I was going to there?
Ah well, at least I can navigate by the Gherkin, or the Shard, or St Paul’s.

St Paul’s Cathedral

Gherkin on the (grey) horizon


The Shard, from near London Bridge

Food. Is. Everywhere. How do I decide what to eat?
Markets, markets, markets. It’s an exercise in self-discipline deciding what to select. Immediately regret decision on walking five minutes to the next stall and seeing something better.

Dinner one night

Dalton StreetFeast haul – spicy dahl, merlot, brownie cheesecake and salted caramel cupcake

Parks. Amazing. Nothing like European parks. Regent’s Park is beautiful. Supersized ducks are a bit freaky though.

Regent’s Park

Regent’s Park

OLYMPICS! Completely embraced in London. Team GB doing spectacularly well makes for a very happy city.
Kiwis smashing the Aussies in the medal tally. Celebrations at Kiwi House (so many New Zealanders in one place!). If I could only get in that is… damn queues.
Those Wenlocks are a bit… weird.
I love every Wenlock I see!

Midsummer Night’s Dream Wenlock in Regent’s Park

Deckchair Wenlock

Roses Wenlock?

Sunshine! London weather’s not so bad.
Sun’s gone, freezing in my shorts.
Sun’s out, too hot in my jacket.
Bit greyer today.
Grey and rain.
What’s with the wind?
Come on, it’s SUMMER!


London Eye and Parliament, Southbank

© May Guise’s wundiverse, 2012

3 thoughts on “Impressions of London

  1. So cool to hear your impressions-supersized ducks sound interesting. Lovely to see you when in NZ. Can’t believe I was in London 2 years ago.wish I could join you.have fun! Julia

  2. Hi May,
    I am an NZer planning on moving to Brussels to try and find policy work, and would love to chat to you! Would you mind dropping me an email to get in touch? I would be so grateful🙂

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