Old Man | Neil Young

Old man, look at my life, 24 and there’s so much more

That line has always stuck with me.

Before I was 24, the ‘so much more’ seemed a long way into the future; I awaited the arrival of my worldly wisdom.

At 24, I basked in the extreme relevance of the words as I trod university halls in the weekends and walked to work along the waterfront during the week.

Post-24, I mourned the loss of the song’s applicability to me; now without a landmark, I was simply lumped in with the rest in the ‘so much more’ .

Now, when I listen to it, it’s a combination of all these moments, plus the eternally possible ‘more’.

A close relative of this line has to be James Taylor’s “with ten miles behind me, and ten thousand more to go,” describing a journey in Sweet Baby James. They both have a sense of contracted expansiveness, of half-cynical, half-optimistic horizon-gazing.

© May Guise’s wundiverse, 2012

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