twenty four twenty twelve | wundiscoveries

Rain and grey, go away – it’s June!

  1. Heard of the MarsOne project? It’s either supremely visionary or a kind of Space Hunger Games: from 2023, every two years another two people will be dropped on the settlement being built on Mars – and they will have no intention of ever returning to Earth. Would you go?
  2. A bed that makes itself! Sounds ridiculous but the mechanics involved look fairly simple.
  3. I find this really intriguing – Evacuated Tube Transport, billed as ‘space travel on Earth’, getting you places very quickly. More here.
  4. I want these. Plus I like the idea of a ‘defeat’ button. And pretty much all things Tivoli  Audio.
  5. Some great stories here – how Tumblr changed my life.
  6. What’s it like to live in Antarctica for a year? Check out the trailer for the upcoming doco from Human Planet photographer Anthony Powell.
  7. Thought-provoking article on the optimum start time for schools and even particular subjects.
  8. Ah, an around-the-world timelapse. Just stunning.
  9. Well this is a scary infographic – stand or die (sooner)!
  10. Star-studded cast in 360.

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