twenty two twenty twelve | wundiscoveries

Bois de la Cambre, Brussels

What a week of glorious weather! Last (long) weekend was spent in parks with picnics.
  1. Submarine cables have always fascinated me. Cables laid on the bottom of the ocean! So I’m keen to read Andrew Blum’s book.
  2. Wow, can this guy bartend or what?!
  3. One more thing I want.
  4. Just came across Francesca Bongiorni’s work via a tumblr post. I really like the simple lines.
  5. Gaga’s Pokerface performed purely on bottles – weirdly awesome.
  6. Animated info-videos like this one put (most of) my university lectures to shame.
  7. Great article on two of the interweb’s fashion royalty.
  8. Good carbs v bad carbs infographic.
  9. Toy Story 2 came close to vanishing… so Pixar naturally made a short animation about it.
  10. An eight minute window into life in Japan – it’s calming.

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