twenty one twenty twelve | wundiscoveries

Miss you already my dear feijoa babies

Back in Brussels, almost over jetlag, relishing this incredible weather.
  1. Panda kindergarten antics! (Dare you not to press replay.)
  2. Breakfast box genius.
  3. I hope I have some insightful stuff to say like Joy when I’m 30.
  4. Who doesn’t love meerkats
  5. I’ve been following this fellow New Zealander’s blog for a while, and found this post really touching.
  6. Once I’d adjusted to the height difference, I’d want to live in one of these lotus flower-shaped cities on top of cities.
  7. Will Greece go? Or is the question when?
  8. Now this is a cool idea – street charge your devices.
  9. How the internet can read your mind. Scary.
  10. One of these would be awesome!

Happy weekend🙂

© May Guise’s wundiverse, 2012

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