Avenue | Agnes Obel

My cousin played me Agnes Obel a few months ago, and I’d made a note to listen to more of her stuff. When I did, I realised I’d already got one of her songs after hearing it on an episode of One Tree Hill. Reading the youtube comments for this song, I saw that it had been used on Revenge (one of my new favourite shows) – I thought it sounded familiar.

A Danish singer, Obel has an amazing quality to her voice. Enjoy.

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Impressions of London

Olympic Rings on London Tower Bridge

Oh my god, who are all these people? Where do they come from?! Everywhere, all the time!

These supermarkets are beyond amazing. Twenty different kinds of salad mix! I want to live there.
Amazing, cheap, healthy readymade food. Why cook, ever?
24 hour supermarkets – even better. Continue reading

thirty one twenty twelve

Art nouveau in St-Gilles/Ixelles, Brussels

What a week! Enjoying my first few days in London, more on that later.

  1. Too much Olympics? These muppet-like creatures agree: “it feels like the Olympics are every year!” They want to see Middle Earth compete at the Games. You want to watch this video.
  2. This scares me. A lot. It makes me even more afraid of how Google Glass might drastically change things. Continue reading

Au revoir, Bruxelles

Cracker of a day before I leave Brussels

Today I leave the place I’ve called home for the last year and trip across the Channel to start a new life in London. I realised this will be the fifth time in eight years I’ve done a move like this, after stints in Melbourne and France before here – crazy (am I?!).

I can’t wait to catch up with old friends who have settled in London, and to experience the Olympic atmosphere. But first I want to say my goodbyes to Brussels. So here’s the big and small of what I’ll miss and what I won’t about living in the heart of Europe. Continue reading